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SMA Windy Boy Inverters

In contrast to multi-megawatt systems, small wind turbines are used mainly as battery chargers for stand-alone power supplies, as heating mills for the support of heating systems and as wind pumps for water supply systems. There are a number of very attractively priced wind generators for these application areas.

In recent years another trend has become evident: the use of small grid-connected wind turbines from which the energy generated is fed into existing public grids or stand-alone grids, e.g. in combination with Sunny Island. Indirect feeding guarantees maximum flexibility: the energy generated can either be consumed or supplied as excess energy to the public grid without the need for interim storage in a battery.

The resulting savings potentials are immense as there is no longer any need for expensive high-maintenance batteries. The conversion of direct current into alternating current in small wind turbine systems is now easier than ever before: with the Windy Boy inverters it is possible to operate small, gridconnected wind turbines with permanent magnet generators and with 3-phase rectifiers downstream.

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