Shipping Costs & Delivery Times

Parcel Post

All Phaesun products are shipped from Germany with FedEx or GLS & when in stock, they are usually delivered in most European countries around 5-6 business days after ordering. The SOLARA products are shipped with UPS insured shipping and they are delivered in about 7 days after ordering. UPS has higher shipping rates that cannot be calculated automatically, so you'll need need to consider additional charges (30-35 euros more) from what you see as shipping charges when you add the item(s) in the cart, please contact us for the exact cost before ordering. 

You may also choose to collect the items from any GLS ParcelShop or FedEx Pick-Up Point, please contact us if you wish to do so.

Parcel Dimensions:

Maximal Parcel size: Width: 80cm / Height 60 cm / Length: 200 cm

Combined length and girth (Circumference of the parcel plus the longest side): 300 cm

Road Cargo

Oversized products and lead acid batteries are shipped with Road Freight the cost of which depend on the final destination, please contact us for more details.

Worldwide and express shipping available, ask us for a quote


- The ordinary lead time may be subject to country-specific delays (e.g. customs authorrities, border areas, islands…).
- Please observe the customs surcharges for customs clearance in certain customs regions in Europe. 
- Airfreight is calculated according to volume weight (length x width x height in cm / 6.000) in case the volume weight exceeds the real weight.
- For packages that are sent via Pick&Return service, there is no liability for the completeness and any defects of the content. 
- The base price refers to the highest zone of the chosen countries of the Euro Business Parcel. 
- If the value of the goods for the export in EFTA countries exceeds 1.000€ you need an export declaration. Please note that we do not currently ship in the USA products that are made in China due to the recent tariffs imposed, we only ship there products that are made in EU from the Phaesun Catalog.