About Toosolar

Toosolar is the distributor of Phaesun and Solara products and complete systems

Our online catalog contains only high quality systems and components with long warranty periods proven in the field, always the latest versions of the products and in competitive prices. We have extensive experience in the renewable energy field and we are distributors of Phaesun GmbH and Solara GmbH, both leader companies with more than 20 years of experience in off-grid solar.

Our product range includes wind turbines, photovoltaic modules, solar and hybrid kits, solar charge controller, solar inverter, electronics, batteries, DC loads and accessories. Some of the quality brands we offer are: STECA, STUDER, PHAESUN, SOLARA, MORNINGSTAR, PHOCOS, OUTBACK POWER SYSTEMS, VICTRON ENERGY, HOPPECKE, ROLLS, INTACT, TROJAN, SONNESCHEIN, SMA, 4LOAD, SCHAUDT, VOTRONIC and many more.

All orders are distributed from Germany, by Phaesun's warehouse in Memmingen or by SOLARA's facilities in Hamburg or Wismar. Products that weigh less than 30 kg are shipped with FedEx, GLS or UPS and are usually delivered in most European destinations around 5 business days after ordering. Products that weight more than 30 kg or are longer than 1,5 m and batteries are shipped with road cargo and their shipping cost depends on the postal code, please contact us for the exact cost before ordering. AGM, GEL and certain lithium ion batteries that weigh less than 15kg can be shipped with regular courier service. Please see our shipping section for more information. 

Please contact us for pricing details and availability, if you can't find what you're looking for or if you have technical questions, we'll be happy to help you, we speak English, Greek and Italian. 

We have only positive feedback from hundreds of customers all over the world who appreciate the high standards of our products and services.  

Toosolar’s staff and collaborators have a lengthy experience in the photovoltaic industry and are present in various European countries.

Our scope is to make renewable energy products and applications more affordable and accessible to everybody. Renewable energy products should and will eventually become an integral part of our everyday activities in order to ensure the well-being of our planet for the next generations.

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Partner Companies:

DUBINI SOLAR -  Flat 5, 32 Milner Flats, Milner Street, SLM1725 Sliema, Malta 

PHAESUN GmbH  - Brühlweg 9, Memmingen, 87700, Germany

PHOTOVOLTAIC  GREECE – Ellanikou 20, Athens, 11635, Greece

SAFOS ENGINEERS & PARTNERS - Vissarionos 4, Kolonaki, Athens, 10672, Greece

SOLARA GmbH - Große Bergstraße 219, Hamburg, 22767, Germany

TOOSOLAR (Italian Contact): Verona, (VR), Italy - Tel.: +393480029164