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Mobile Water Purification System DWC

This mobile water purification system is designed to produce safe drinking water from any non saline water source completely autonomous in the most rugged environment. The core component of this sized system consists of two different filter cartridges that can be combined according to raw water quality. Filter cartridges can be:

  • Sediment filter (20µm) to protect following fine filter

  • Activated carbon filter (5µm, 3 µm, 0,8µ) in silver embedded structure against chemicals, metals, odor and taste plus extra disinfection properties

  • Combined activated carbon/Ultra filtration membrane with 99,9999% rejection of bacteria

  • Combined Sediment filter with ultra filtration membrane (0,02µm) even rejects viruses

  • Water softener filters against hard water based on ion exchange

  • Water filter for nitrate reduction (individual filling on cartridge)

  • Water filter with selected media against arsenic etc. (upon demand)

Cartridges can be easily exchanged by simple Plug and Play. Depending on raw water quality the filters can last up to 8,000 l. The sinter metal intake pre-filtration barrier with 100 µm already rejects major particles. The integrated diaphragm pump with 1,5 A/h can run up to 4 hours with the battery upon complete off-grid usage. The overall system can produce up to 50 l/h purified water. The system can be powered either by 220 VAC or 12 VDC.

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